The inaugural Avalara FUSE is all about a new beginning; the more impactful, more meaningful and more fruitful fusion of Avalara and its Partner ecosystem. Avalara FUSE represents a transformation in how Avalara invests in the success of Partners and their clients as a throughline of growth for Avalara. The idea for the experience is simple: shared success. If a Partner is successful in helping their clients to embed tax solutions into their products; then Avalara is successful too. One major outcome of our discovery was to create the event’s mission and ensure that we lived by the mission.

The Mission: A strategic partner event designed to catalyze trusted relationships, position partners for opportunistic growth and drive shared customer success through the removal of tax as a burden.


FUSE 2023 was visioned as an upscale business retreat. FUSE 2023 is an “unconference” experience where Avalara
invites it’s Partners to step away from transactional interactions and into purpose driven relationship growth centered on opportunity.


During FUSE, we focused on four areas to ensure we delivered to the events mission in the most engaging and memorable way:

1) Excite
2) Enable
3) Delight
4) Grow


Designed to deliver value through Keynotes, breakouts, Innovation Product Center and one-on-one touch points.

Avalara showcased resources and insights that Partners can use to boost business and improve the customer experience — including the reimagined partner program, a new collaboration tool to drive referrals, and best practices from leaders who understand how to supercharge growth. 


FUSE Spotlight offered keynotes and discussions on profitable growth, ease of doing business, and shared customer success. Aside from Avalara leaders, FUSE featured well-known experts in a wide variety of fields discussing trends, technology, growth strategies, and other topics. Surrounded by other top partners; networking and bringing home valuable insights to help address key needs, ease pain points, enhance efficiency, and more.


From arrival to departure; Avalara Partners were treated to a memorable once in a lifetime experience. From the announcement of the experience to departure and extending; they were intrigued, delighted, motivated and inspired.


Across the board we received resoundingly positive feedback. A quick look at the outcomes:

  • Millions in signed contracts on site and the numbers are adding up, amounting to covering all event investments.
  • Event Satisfaction score of 4.9 out of 5
  • 100% of attendees would like to attend the experience again
  • Resoundingly positive responses via personal recognition and appreciation of people across the board; many big brand partnership owners telling us in no uncertain terms, this event is their favorite experience of its type ever.