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Maximizing Interactions in a Virtual Meeting or Event

"What if we told you that you could create a virtual event that is as immersive and interactive as an in-person event? "

By Dominick Corona - Strategic Marketing Manager at 82 South, Inc.

Did you have to cancel your big meeting or event this year? Or maybe cancel your plans to attend a big meeting or event? Forbes says that over 83 million people around the world have been forced to change their event attendance plans. However, it’s definitely not the time to just say “oh well” and wait for next year. It’s time to gear up and think virtual. 

When people think about a virtual event or meeting, they usually think of a simple keynote presentation or maybe a zoom call. What if we told you that you could create a virtual event that is as  immersive and interactive as an in-person event? We’re here to share some first hand tips and tricks to maximize interactions in your virtual meeting or event.

Think Quality

Your virtual event is as good as the quality of the technology that’s behind it. You want your attendees to feel like they’re really in front of you. The less they notice the technology, the better. High audio quality is a must. You don’t want to be using the microphone on your airpods that are filled with dust and pocket lint. Think high quality microphones so that your voice is clear and crisp. Follow the same idea with lighting and video quality. Who is going to pay attention to the message you’re trying to convey if your audience cannot fully see or hear you?

Think Environment

Put yourself in your attendees’ shoes. This virtual event is still an event, and you want to make sure to give your attendees something to keep talking about! When you take a step back to look at the event or meeting as a whole, you have the opportunity to focus on specific moments or touches that will make your event more meaningful. What well thought out little detail can you add in that you know will leave lasting memories for your guests? Your focus should be on how to completely elevate this experience from beginning to end. Make sure to think of EVERYTHING and we mean everything! Look at every area and ask yourself how to raise the bar. Consistency is key. Branding your meeting or event is as important online as in person and you want to make sure to do it well.

Think Connection

We’re not talking about wires or networks here, we’re talking about how to really connect with your audience. You must engage members of your audience and make them feel like you’re speaking just to them. To start, try to be as face-to-face as you can. Nobody wants to just stare at a slideshow or hear you talk for hours. You need to keep their attention. It’s much easier to just shut off your computer or tablet than it is to get up and walk out of an in person presentation.

Think The Unexpected

The element of surprise is extremely powerful and can be so useful in a virtual event. If you keep your attendees at the edge of their seat, they will be more inclined to pay attention to what you’re saying. Incorporating a blend of following a schedule and adding some unexpected elements may be just what your virtual meeting or event needs.

About the Author

Dominick Corona is the Strategic Marketing Manager for 82 South, Inc. an Experiential Marketing company specializing in production of Exhibits, Events and Digital Marketing.  To learn more about 82 South’s Virtual Events, please visit or for specific questions about influencer marketing, contact Dom at