By DeAnna Miller - Managing Director at 82 South, Inc.

Should we stay or should we stay or should we go?

August 19, 2020 will be a date 82 South will not forget.  It was the first time since the start of the COVID pandemic that we hit the road and traveled to the “Resilient Together” conference organized by the Florida Festivals & Events Association (FFEA).

Rewind to a local show which successfully launched on July 24th in Orlando, the Together Again Expo.

We had the opportunity to meet with many industry professionals and “dip our toe” in the COVID era of exhibits and events.  This was a great way to get a feel for what we could expect and set a standard in the industry.  Whether our “new normal” or a temporary safety bridge, it gave us the encouragement to safely get back on the road.

While at the expo, Dom Corona, our Strategic Marketing Manager, connected with Suzanne Neve.  Suzanne is the CEO of the FFEA.  She was ironing out all the details for the Resilient Together conference and had a great vision to bridge the gap between a small in-person seminar gathering and a bigger virtual event which would have a broader state-wide event. This is something we were excited to see and jumped at the opportunity when invited to lead one of those seminars at the in-person conference.

Being relevant while being resilient

Dom and I went to work on bringing to life a topic we visit on a daily basis.  How can you survive and thrive during a crisis climate when it comes to digital marketing.  We knew we had a room full of people still in shock from the damage this “crisis” had taken on our industry. We carefully crafted ideas and a checklist to help these individuals use digital marketing to not only stay afloat, but grow as well.  Brian Riha, our Chief Experience Officer, was headed there to be a part of a panel on the future of events.

The arrival

We arrived at the beautiful Bonita Springs Hyatt Regency Coconut Point and were met with gentle, visual safety reminders for social distancing and masks.  Check in felt secure and heading to my room I was met with reminders for elevator safety and general safety for common areas.


No time wasted

After we checked in (and grabbed an iced cofee), we headed to peer led small group discussions.  There were three topics to choose from:  Marketing, Operations and Sponsorships.  Dom and I, without pause, were going to head to the Marketing discussion and Brian chose Operations.

Prior to crossing the threshold between hotel and conference, we swiftly went through a series of safety checks.

Mask on.

Temperature checked.

Complete sanitation from head to toe.  Including my belongings.

A company called Disinfect Group not only had one of the most important jobs there, but also was the number one topic of conversation at the conference.  Through a technology which turns electrolyzed water into fog, each individual is sanitized in 15 seconds.  

Once past the threshold, there was plenty of “stations” which had gloves, sanitizer and extra masks.  Even our welcome bags came stocked with masks and hand sanitizer.  

The peer discussion rooms had pre set seats 6 feet apart with water as a place holder.

At dinner that evening, food was pre-plated and drinks were self-serve.  The conference did not disappoint with their surprises of a real life transforming car to robot and fireworks show set to music.  despite the masks on our faces, we felt back in the mix.  We felt relevant while being resilient.


Day 2

We started the day with an a la carte breakfast, and in true form, we were poured coffee.  This felt more like a luxury than a necessity.  

And Dom and I presented.

And it felt SO good.

Brian sat on a panel.  

And he felt energized.

Coming together with so many industry professionals was the tipping point we needed to feel confident that the industry is born again.

The Takeaway

If done correctly (which now includes SAFELY), we can get back to business.  I applaud Suzanne and her team for being a pioneer and giving us a nudge to safely collaborate again.  This model can apply to other conferences and expos.  If you are on the fence about whether to do a hybrid conference and virtual event, I encourage you to visit the Resilient Together website to look at the content offered and the schedule for both events (in person and virtual) for ideas.

After this experience, I truly think that Resilient Together will be our motto well into 2021.

About the Author

DeAnna Miller is the Managing Director for 82 South, Inc. an Experiential Marketing company specializing in production of Exhibits, Events and Digital Marketing.  To learn more about 82 South’s hybrid meeting and conference options or for digital marketing assistance, email DeAnna at

By Terri Thomas - Business Development Manager at 82 South, Inc.

Not ready for long distance travel?

You are not alone.   So many of our fellow “Road Warriors” are in the same boat.   I don’t know about you, but I sure miss it!  My short list of what I have been is missing is:  

The friends I have met along my 20 year plus journey

The camaraderie and excitement on the show floor.   

Watching the concrete floor go from what seems to be an endless a pile of boxes, trash and crates to this amazing event right in front of your eyes.  

Seeing your client’s face as they walk up to their beautiful booth space that is ready for them to fill it with their products.  

Once you are ready to start hitting the road again, are you going to start back a little smaller?   With the right transportable display products, you can still make a great impression on a smaller scale. Not ready to fly?   There are booth properties that you can put right in the trunk of your car.


Portable Solutions

How about a nice portable back wall that you can just bring with you?   Some of our rolling cases can even be turned into a nice pedestal table with graphics. 

This option can save you extra money on shipping, labor, drayage fees and you will not have to wait for your empties at the close of the show either!  Add a couple of rented stools or chairs, carpeting and lighting. For product display, shelving can be added easily.  A smaller booth also means fewer staff and time out of the office.  This could mean less money spent on travel, hotel, and dinning expenses as well.   

Let there be light

Want to add a little extra splash or make your message really pop from the aisle?  Use one of our new easy to assemble lightbox back wall units.   We just used ours at the Together Again Expo at the Orange  County Convention Center in Orlando.   This booth allowed us to participate in this event in a cost-effective way.  We rented carpeting and add an electrical outlet.   Everything else was able to be hand carried into the show for a quick and easy set-up.  Before we knew it we were show ready!   Again, just hide the wheeled shipping case behind the lightbox in your space for an easy breakdown.

Ready to go big

Maybe you are ready to hit the road in a big way?   We can help you there too!   Whether you are looking for a new booth, using your current booth, need some refurbish or just new graphics look no further we are here to help!   Let our show services department and our shop get to work for you.   We can take care of as much or as little as you want.   From design, build, shipping, labor, placing your show orders or complete show management.  We are your full turnkey solution for your portable display solution.

About the Author

Terri Thomas is a Business Development Manager for 82 South, Inc. an Experiential Marketing company specializing in production of Exhibits, Events and Digital Marketing.  To learn more about 82 South’s exhibit and event solutions, please visit or for specific questions about Nook Event Pods, contact Terri at

By Dominick Corona - Strategic Marketing Manager at 82 South, Inc.

Did you have to cancel your big meeting or event this year? Or maybe cancel your plans to attend a big meeting or event? Forbes says that over 83 million people around the world have been forced to change their event attendance plans. However, it’s definitely not the time to just say “oh well” and wait for next year. It’s time to gear up and think virtual. 

When people think about a virtual event or meeting, they usually think of a simple keynote presentation or maybe a zoom call. What if we told you that you could create a virtual event that is as  immersive and interactive as an in-person event? We’re here to share some first hand tips and tricks to maximize interactions in your virtual meeting or event.

Think Quality

Your virtual event is as good as the quality of the technology that’s behind it. You want your attendees to feel like they’re really in front of you. The less they notice the technology, the better. High audio quality is a must. You don’t want to be using the microphone on your airpods that are filled with dust and pocket lint. Think high quality microphones so that your voice is clear and crisp. Follow the same idea with lighting and video quality. Who is going to pay attention to the message you’re trying to convey if your audience cannot fully see or hear you?

Think Environment

Put yourself in your attendees’ shoes. This virtual event is still an event, and you want to make sure to give your attendees something to keep talking about! When you take a step back to look at the event or meeting as a whole, you have the opportunity to focus on specific moments or touches that will make your event more meaningful. What well thought out little detail can you add in that you know will leave lasting memories for your guests? Your focus should be on how to completely elevate this experience from beginning to end. Make sure to think of EVERYTHING and we mean everything! Look at every area and ask yourself how to raise the bar. Consistency is key. Branding your meeting or event is as important online as in person and you want to make sure to do it well.

Think Connection

We’re not talking about wires or networks here, we’re talking about how to really connect with your audience. You must engage members of your audience and make them feel like you’re speaking just to them. To start, try to be as face-to-face as you can. Nobody wants to just stare at a slideshow or hear you talk for hours. You need to keep their attention. It’s much easier to just shut off your computer or tablet than it is to get up and walk out of an in person presentation.

Think The Unexpected

The element of surprise is extremely powerful and can be so useful in a virtual event. If you keep your attendees at the edge of their seat, they will be more inclined to pay attention to what you’re saying. Incorporating a blend of following a schedule and adding some unexpected elements may be just what your virtual meeting or event needs.

About the Author

Dominick Corona is the Strategic Marketing Manager for 82 South, Inc. an Experiential Marketing company specializing in production of Exhibits, Events and Digital Marketing.  To learn more about 82 South’s Virtual Events, please visit or for specific questions about influencer marketing, contact Dom at

By DeAnna Miller - Managing Director at 82 South, Inc.

The Media/Press Kit

As a Creative Director and now Managing Director, I have been on both the receiving end and creative end of the media kit.  An asset that is essential to any company or business is often underutilized.  Let’s explore who needs a media kit and what are some ways to make it stand out.

The Media Kit : A Wordy Billboard

What if you were creating a billboard for your company and the creative department told you there was no limit on what you could write?  Or when creating a commercial you didn’t have that thirty second limit?  What would you tell people?  What imagery would you show them?

Of course you would put your best foot forward.  You would explain how and when you were founded.  Who the big players are and what your company believes in.  You would show your best products and maybe include what sets you apart.

This is the media kit.

Not Just for a Launch

One of the purposes of the media kit is to inform the public of a company or product launch.  Aside from the launch, it’s good to keep the assets on hand to edit for breaking company news, new hires or community involvement.  As our companies and organizations start to run lean, it’s important especially with a smaller company to have these assets accessible to be shared as needed.

The Sell

One thing to keep in mind with the media kit is that it should make the reader fall in love with your company.  You need to sell them them with sharp branding and quality images.  When you are announcing a new hire or a partnership with a non-profit, you need to sell the announcement to the journalist or influencer who will be your communication vessel.   In addition to sharing your company’s information, they will be able to successfully craft an article or story which shares more than just the information at hand.  They will be able to correctly tell the story with the correct facts. The ease of the media kit will produce results.

Drafting a Media Kit is Easier Than You Think

In the event you are just starting out, or are running a lean ship, there are easy templates you can use.  Bit.AI  team collaboration platform, has created an easy to use template.  If you do not have the time or creativity to create a media kit,an agency can assist with this creation as well.

In Conclusion

Think of the media kit as the megaphone.  Whoever’s is loudest will get the most attention.  When you have breaking news on a Friday at 5pm, you’ll be glad you have it at the ready.  A good, well thought out kit will go a long way.

About the Author

DeAnna Miller is the Managing Director for 82 South, Inc. an Experiential Marketing company specializing in production of Exhibits, Events and Digital Marketing.  To learn more about 82 South’s Marketing Services or to get assistance in creating your media or press kit, please visit or for specific questions about working with an agency, email DeAnna at

By Dani Ring - Event Producer at 82 South, Inc.

By now we have all pretty much had it with anything virtual. We are what you would call “virtually fatigued”, dying to be back in-person safely at our favorite events. Although I have faith that the event industry will kick off again, virtual events are not going anywhere anytime soon. The good news is that we are just tipping the iceberg when it comes to making a virtual event stand out. Here are some must do’s for when you are planning a virtual event of your own.


First let’s talk about budget. People hear virtual and they immediately think they can cut the budget. Don’t get me wrong, not having to feed an audience or pay for venue space will  save you money.  Also, you can limit your production crew  get pennies on the dollar compared to a typical in-person event.  However, if you are looking for something that is not going to become another typical virtual event, then expect to reallocate your production budget. In return you will see a quality event that engages your audience as if they were watching the latest binge-worthy Netflix show.

Chief Experience Officer, Brian Riha, on location
One client kicks off with a car give away


The virtual event you really want is not the same as the live-stream event you offered last year. Rather than thinking of this as just one giant live-stream, think of it as a live broadcast event. You want it to be high energy, seamlessly paced, with impressive visuals and strong storytelling. The absence of a live audience doesn’t mean we have to skip the “wow factor”. If anything, it’s just that much more important. Kick off your event with a boom! It’s so important to remember that the first few seconds will set the tone of your audience for the entire event


When planning a virtual event, ensure you opt for high bandwidth streaming, HD video, and high-quality audio sources.  If these things are not on point, your message is sure to get lost. Keeping our audience’s attention is probably the hardest hurdle we face with virtual events, making it one of the most important things we need to focus on. Working with an experienced event producer will ensure that you are properly equipped for your event size and goal.


Those awkward conversational delays.

The boring PowerPoints.

The unflattering camera angles.

Get rid of them!

Pre-record your guest speakers and let your production team edit footage in advance.  With proper video rolls, graphics/titles, and other visual effects you are sure to hold your audience’s attention. Important information is missed when staring at a stagnant screen with a speaker in front of a backdrop talking to their slide deck. Use PowerPoint as minimally as possible. Using it on the big screen, in-person with audience reactions with lights and music is one thing.  Coming through your computer screen in your home office during daylight hours is not quite the same. For virtual events, Apple’s Keynote software is better to work with and makes a difference with imagery and transitions.  Remember when attendees are not sitting in an immersive room, the visual presentation has to feel immersive.


One hour speaking blocks are fine at events with audience interaction. One hour staring at the same person talking to you on screen is draining. Give your audience a break by throwing in commercials tailored to your content or for sponsors branded to your event. It’s a win-win. The break will serve to re-energize, helping retain participation throughout the entire program. The commercial will create optimal opportunities to give sponsors more value for their money.


With virtual events having become the new norm in our lives, it’s easy to see that they are not going away anytime soon. Between copy and paste formats and the attendee’s stagnant home viewing, these meetings are quite redundant. In addition, with poor quality streams and lack of stimulating visuals, it’s no wonder we are tired of them. Instead of simply throwing a live stream together, step up your game to a high-quality production with pre-recorded footage and engaging imagery. Optimize timing by breaking up sessions and look to switch up content with sponsorship commercials that give your audience a break from the ordinary webcast. Together with these components and the right team of production professionals by your side, your next virtual event will be sure to leave a lasting impression.

About the Author

Dani Ring is an Event Producer for 82 South, Inc. an Experiential Marketing company specializing in production of Exhibits, Events and Digital Marketing.  To learn more about 82 South’s virtual meeting and event solutions, please visit for specific questions about planning a meeting or event, whether virtual or live, contact Dani at

By Terri Thomas - Business Development Manager at 82 South, Inc.

What is a Nook Event Pod?

When we find a manufacturer or vendor we can get behind we like to highlight them.  Given the current climate, we are looking for options to still provide our clients the option of being “close’ to their customers or clients, but not THAT close.   Nook Event Pods provide that option.

If you are looking for a unique way to promote social distancing at your next event or convention, 82 South can help. Why not try the Nook Event Pods? Winner of the IAEE’s 2019 Innovative Business Solution Award.

The Nook Event Pod offers a simple safe
solution for providing a way to offer your attendees a way to enjoy live events
and meetings again. They can be used for temperature checks and registration

Nook Event Pods are completely customizable for function and form

Nook Event Pods create branding opportunities on and off the show floor.  Sponsors can use them for meetings and to promote their booth space location in lobby areas as well.  The Nook Event Pods are branded on all exterior walls, roof, interior wall, table-top and leg. 

Use the built-in dry erase board or furnish the unit with a monitor to promote a new product launch. Give your attendees a place to recharge not only their phones, but their personal batteries as well.  Each Nook comes with two wireless air charge units and several USB and electrical plug in options.  The seats are both comfy and the units provide a wonderful sound quality, which is also great for pod casting.  This allows attendees to have a meeting while still being a part of the event going on around them.  The units can be equipped with a plexiglass “sneeze guard” panel in the center of the unit to protect each of the attendees during their meeting.

You're only limited by your imagination

The Nook Event Pods are 6’7” in length which makes setting up your meeting areas a breeze.   They come preassembled and roll right off the truck.   All you need is an electrical outlet and you are ready to go.  Multiple Nook Event Pods can be put together to create café areas, relaxation stations or meeting room zones.  This gives your attendees a place to meet up and network safely.  These areas also provide another opportunity to offer sponsorships.  Sponsors can wrap the Nook Event Pods to advertise their booth number, website, their logo or latest product information.

Use the Nook Event Pods to fill those empty (dead) spaces on your show floor. 

Be there without "being there"

A breakthrough in virtual meetings is the Virtual Booth or VBooth by Deondo.  It’s outfitted with a 32” monitor, mini-computer, sound bar, web camera and microphone.   The Standard Nook Event Pod already includes USB ports, electrical sockets, two wireless charging ports, lighting, comfortable seating with a work surface.

The VBooth by Deondo allows for a seamless interaction between prospects attending the trade show and your personnel from anywhere around the globe.  It combines the Nook Event Pods with our Virtual Trade Show offerings to present a costs savings option for the exhibitor. Just because a consultant or expert cannot attend a show or meeting, attendees are able to slip in a nook and have a real time meeting or consultation with them from all over the globe.

Cost Savings and Added Benefits

A few of the cost saving measures are that you can reduce the number of personnel attending a show – saving on travel, hotel and entertainment costs. No need to send in your booth properties – saving on
shipping/transportation costs, drayage fees, labor for set-up and tear down.
Possible reduction of floor space creating additional savings.

It also provides you with the ability to virtually meet with prospects.  Provide detailed company information and pre-recorded informational videos.  Still able to capture prospects information as well.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the Nook Event Pod.  For more information and pricing, contact me at Terri at

About the Author

Terri Thomas is a Business Development Manager for 82 South, Inc. an Experiential Marketing company specializing in production of Exhibits, Events and Digital Marketing.  To learn more about 82 South’s exhibit and event solutions, please visit or for specific questions about Nook Event Pods, contact Terri at

By DeAnna Miller - Managing Director at 82 South, Inc.

Evolving + Adapting = Relevance

Many of our recent blog posts, similar to other companies in our industry, are focused on our current climate.  As we look to return and recover, we are opening up conversations about how the workplace is changing.  Whether your workplace is under a roof, or in the field, the need to remain relevant in this changing world is crucial.

What is "Return and Recover"

Shock. Upheaval. Damage. Slowdown. Disruption. Hurt. 

These are just some of the words that come to mind when thinking of the blow our workflow and workforce has taken.  We are slowly “Returning” to the office (whatever that looks like to you) and in order to function, we have to focus on the “Recover”.

If you are reading this, you are probably seeking out solutions to make your return to work expeditious and close the gap that we just experienced.  I am sure that return will happen and the financial and physical recovery will happen.  The intangibles will happen.  What about the tangibles?

That’s where we can help.

The Face Mask

Love them or hate them, the face mask  has become a staple for the majority of the population.  While there is definitely a discrepancy in the  popularity between certain regions, as we start to travel and work together again, the face mask is part of the short-term plan.  The face covering is a great barrier to keep your employees safe, but is also a great way to get your brand and logo out there.  What a great giveaway at an event or a trade show.

Customize your face coverings with your colors and logo.

Start Small - The Barrier

The barrier is a great form of protection for those moments that require personal interaction.  The barrier is lightweight, can be assembled in just minutes.  It can also be made in most dimensions.  It is also portable.


The Barrier

Nice to Meet You....Sanitize Please!

In a perfect world we could “helicopter” everyone who walks in our doors.  And while in the beginning of our “Return and Recover” we may be able to be more attentive, but wouldn’t it be great to offer ways for people to have an area which welcomes them and to be able to use hand sanitizer upon working or visiting.  82 South has a few options for a welcome station or kiosks to be placed throughout out your building.


Go Big - The Partition

The flexibility of the partition makes it a great choice to create workstations, even rooms, quickly and effectively.  Our partitions also have translucent sections to keep the look and feel of your environment light and airy.  You can utilize half walls or full walls.  In some industries, such as healthcare, these walls have been used to construct changing areas.

The Evolution Continues

Although we are optimistic that these layers of prevention and protection will be temporary, we do believe that many of these alterations could be a “new norm”.  The evolution continues.

We are confident that our industry partners are ready to support us to help you in your own “Return and Recover”.  Please reach out to us with any questions. 

For another look at our options visit: 

About the Author

DeAnna Miller is the Managing Director for 82 South, Inc. an Experiential Marketing company specializing in production of Exhibits, Events and Digital Marketing.  To learn more about 82 South’s “Return and Recover” solutions, please visit or for other questions, email DeAnna at

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By Dominick Corona - Strategic Marketing Manager at 82 South, Inc.

Are we finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, shall we say a post-pandemic new normal?

We think so!

The post-pandemic effects of COVID-19 have been greater than most of us could have ever imagined. This has been not only a huge health crisis, but also a huge business crisis. Executives across the globe have had to make extremely tough decisions having to lay off most or all of their workforce.

Customer demand has plummeted, safety requirements are in place, and unemployment has risen dramatically. However, businesses absolutely need to recover from this and there must be a plan put in place to do so.


What’s your position post-pandemic?

You must first absolutely understand your company’s position during and post-pandemic. Who are you competing against? What role do you play in the market? There are many businesses right now questioning the strength of their organization. On the flip side, there are also businesses growing exponentially during this time that sell products or services many people need at home. It’s all about trying to understand where your company currently is and trying to either rebuild or sustain the growth you’ve been experiencing.

What’s your plan?

Now it’s time to come up with a game plan for your business to reach the level you aspire to reach. This is all about figuring out what you need to do today to yield the desired results tomorrow. You have to figure out how to adjust what you’re doing so that your company can not only survive this crisis but continue to grow afterwards. Take a wide view of your business and think long term. This is not an overnight plan but a slow and steady approach to ensure the life and success of your business.

Have you thought about culture?

The culture of your company will most likely change in some way as a result of this pandemic. It seems to be inevitable. These trying times will either cause companies to either pull together or fall apart, obviously we know which side you’d like to be on. Culture begins at the center of your company, starting with leadership. You want your leadership to be transparent with employees but also positive at the same time. Having a “we’re all in this together” mentality and approach will help raise spirits in a time of such uncertainty. If you aren’t doing anything to keep your employees involved, they’re most likely feeling alone and discouraged right now. It’s best to stay ahead of this curve and do whatever you can to keep everyone involved!

Time for new projects?

Keeping your employees involved should also spark a set of projects and initiatives. It’s time to prioritize different tasks that will post-pandemic proof your business. We’re not saying that your approach before COVID-19 will stop working completely, but there are definitely different things you can do to help yourself regain traction in a new world. Also, watch out for running projects simultaneously that will use up all your resources at the same time.

Are you prepared?

Sure, we can inform you on everything you need to do to plan for now and later….but, you need to be prepared! Are you ready to accomplish these new plans and projects you’ve put into place? If all of your staff is remote are you ready to tackle the challenges of corralling everyone together? That’s what you need to figure out now. It won’t be easy, but if your business can survive something as bad as COVID-19, it will be able to survive almost anything. With some assessment, planning, projects, and hard work, we’re confident that you have what it takes to make your business survive and thrive.

About the Author

Dominick Corona is the Strategic Marketing Manager for 82 South, Inc. an Experiential Marketing company specializing in production of Exhibits, Events and Digital Marketing.  To learn more about 82 South’s Digital Marketing Services, please visit or for specific questions about post-pandemic “proofing” your marketing, contact Dom at

By DeAnna Miller - Managing Director at 82 South, Inc.

Exhibit design has never been more versatile

The versatility of modular exhibit displays can fit all budgets and all technical expertise.  82 South has been incorporating the use of modular display units in many of our clients designs.  One company in particular, Duo Display, has made it easy for us to fit our clients needs.  We are now pleased to be an Authorized Dealer for Duo Display.

What can you expect from a modular product?

The use of the word modular explains everything.  Basic parts and components assembled together to build a larger unit and there are many great features to that concept.

1. Easy to assemble

If your company frequently attends trade shows and exhibits, you probably fall into one of two categories:

1. Use hired professional for booth set up and installation.

2. Install and set up is on your own.

The beauty of the modular design is that there is a solution for both.  The heavier units which require crate shipping (typically for booths over 15 feet high) are constructed to lock together easily.  A hired professional can easily follow installation instructions.  This saves time, which in the end saves money.

A lighter design allows for your booth staff to assemble it on their own.  Easy turn-key assembly allows you to save on labor costs.

2. Grow as you grow

If your company is just starting out, or testing the exhibit circuit, you may be working with a 10 x 10 booth.  Maybe you have a smaller product offering right now, and your sights are set on expansion.  A modular system will allow you to add on as you grow.  Our staff can incorporate new modular components into pre-existing display units at any time.  This will save on a new costly build out.

3. Easily transportable

One of our customers is located in a state where many of the trade shows are within driving distance. It didn’t make sense for them to have a larger design which required shipping and crates. An option we were able to provide was a sturdy, wheeled bag custom fit for each panel.  This provides more flexibility for the client and less shipping costs.  

For booths that are heavier in weight and structure, shipping crates are minimized due to clever packing arrangements and they are stack-able.

4. Environmentally Friendly

We use recyclable, recycled or biodegradable raw materials and finished products whenever possible.  The modules are reusable as well.  The graphics can be changed out and the frames are reusable. All lighting is now LED.  Every day Duo strives to lower their environmental footprint which is one of the reasons they align well with 82 South. 

5. Looking Good!

Above anything else, it looks good.  The graphics are bright and flawless. With lighting, shelving, archways and more; your booth will be unique and reflect your company’s brand.  Watching a design from concept to completion is the best reward in our industry.


If you are unsure about which direction is right for you, let the experts help you out.  At 82 South we are equipped to ask the right questions to help you achieve your goals and let your brand take center stage. The versatility of modular exhibit displays will make your job easier and impress your customer.  If you have made an impression, it was all worth it.

About the Author

DeAnna Miller is the Managing Director for 82 South, Inc. an Experiential Marketing company specializing in production of Exhibits, Events and Digital Marketing.  To learn more about 82 South’s modular exhibit designs, please visit for other questions, email DeAnna at

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