By DeAnna Miller - Managing Director at 82 South, Inc.

The Media/Press Kit

As a Creative Director and now Managing Director, I have been on both the receiving end and creative end of the media kit.  An asset that is essential to any company or business is often underutilized.  Let’s explore who needs a media kit and what are some ways to make it stand out.

The Media Kit : A Wordy Billboard

What if you were creating a billboard for your company and the creative department told you there was no limit on what you could write?  Or when creating a commercial you didn’t have that thirty second limit?  What would you tell people?  What imagery would you show them?

Of course you would put your best foot forward.  You would explain how and when you were founded.  Who the big players are and what your company believes in.  You would show your best products and maybe include what sets you apart.

This is the media kit.

Not Just for a Launch

One of the purposes of the media kit is to inform the public of a company or product launch.  Aside from the launch, it’s good to keep the assets on hand to edit for breaking company news, new hires or community involvement.  As our companies and organizations start to run lean, it’s important especially with a smaller company to have these assets accessible to be shared as needed.

The Sell

One thing to keep in mind with the media kit is that it should make the reader fall in love with your company.  You need to sell them them with sharp branding and quality images.  When you are announcing a new hire or a partnership with a non-profit, you need to sell the announcement to the journalist or influencer who will be your communication vessel.   In addition to sharing your company’s information, they will be able to successfully craft an article or story which shares more than just the information at hand.  They will be able to correctly tell the story with the correct facts. The ease of the media kit will produce results.

Drafting a Media Kit is Easier Than You Think

In the event you are just starting out, or are running a lean ship, there are easy templates you can use.  Bit.AI  team collaboration platform, has created an easy to use template.  If you do not have the time or creativity to create a media kit,an agency can assist with this creation as well.

In Conclusion

Think of the media kit as the megaphone.  Whoever’s is loudest will get the most attention.  When you have breaking news on a Friday at 5pm, you’ll be glad you have it at the ready.  A good, well thought out kit will go a long way.

About the Author

DeAnna Miller is the Managing Director for 82 South, Inc. an Experiential Marketing company specializing in production of Exhibits, Events and Digital Marketing.  To learn more about 82 South’s Marketing Services or to get assistance in creating your media or press kit, please visit or for specific questions about working with an agency, email DeAnna at